We are located in Hammondsville, Ohio, a very small, rural area
near the Ohio River, about an hour from the Pittsburg Airport.
We are a family owned and operated kennel. We have 44 acres
and our dogs are raised with our horses, ducks, chickens, and
even our cats. Our dogs are kenneled, but have plenty of room
to run and play everyday when they are let out. They love to
swim in our pond and hike with us in the woods.   All of our
dogs are part of our family, and all of our dams have their pups
in our home. Our puppies are handled every day and are well
socialized before they go to their new homes. Boerboels are not
for everyone, they need a lot of attention and you need to let
them know that you are their boss from day one. Boerboels are
very loving  and protective of their family, especially children,
and will guard you with their lives if they need to. We hope that
if you do decide after doing the correct research, you indeed
want a Boerboel, we can help you get the right puppy. All of our
puppies are placed only to approved families, that we think will
give them a loving home.                    We breed for
temperament, strength, conformation, beauty, health and most
of all loving companions and guardians.
Brenda & Chuck
Our Grandkids