Boerboel Character
The Boerboel has been specifically bred as a protector. Their even character and friendly disposition
should ensure that they are on the top of your list as your next best friend. A well bred Boerboel
should always be on your wave length and be ready to act when ever you feel threatened. The dog
should also be able to sense when ever you feel uneasy about a specific individual, and he will no
doubt make his presence felt in order to provide you the necessary protection. This protective
instinct is obvious even as a puppy. By training your animal, you will find that he is able to growl like
a lion and protect you with a ferocity that doesn't take its own safety into account. African animals
need to survive in Africa, and the Boerboel is no exception. Boerboels have often beaten off an
attack from a leopard, in fact Aristotle named the Boerboel's ancestors, Leontix (sons of lions).
The Boerboel, a family dog
The Boerboel is a family dog, often spending hours playing with the children and accepting the
protection of the whole family as his duty and cares for all of them. Our forefathers required the
following from their Boerboel: During the day the dog must go to the fields with the children to guard
the livestock. While with them he should also catch them some lunch, probably a rabbit. He should
also protect them against all danger including leopards. At night it was his duty to protect the entire
family from any possible danger. The Boerboel is a well bred working dog, and they love working. A
Boerboel is a loyal and devoted family guardian that loves children especially. They seldom bark, but
when they do you can be sure it is for a good reason. One of the early kennels said of its Boerboels
that they were, "faithful, fearless, but not ferocious". This sums up a well bred Boerboel today just
The Boerboel
The Boerboel has been bred to be a stable family companion and protector on the farms and in the
home. A cranky, temperamental dog that stays surly after being reprimanded is not a Boerboel. You
should purchase a Boerboel for his even character. This was and always should be his main quality.
Your Boerboel should qualify himself as your best friend. He should be able to recognize your fear.
Any Boerboel owner should be able to confirm this. These traits should be recognized from puppy
hood. He should, with a growl, be able to tell you: I am here, always. I will guard you with my life. If
you allow him to attack, he will growl like a lion and fight ferociously without taking his own safety
into account. No wonder Aristotle named the forefathers of these dogs: Leontix (son of lions). The
Romans also apparently believed that these dogs were obtained by crossing a dog and a lion. He is
definitely a child's friend and playmate. He does not accept one person as his master, but accepts
the protection of the whole family as his duty and is affectionate to all of them. Many a story has been
told about a Boerboel spending hour after hour guarding a little baby in a pram. He feels the whole
family belongs to him and his sole purpose is to protect them, with his life, if necessary. If this indeed
sounds like a dog that you would love to have as part of your family contact us for more details on
how you can own one.